Courses and Training

We offer:
•    teaching English and French as second languages (all levels)
•    corporate training (bill 90, Quebec governement accreditation)
•    improving skills, knowledge and comprehension, and test preparation
•    bilingual business communication

Type of courses:
•    private courses and group courses
•    intensive and immersion courses
•    linguistic seminars and workshops
•    via email, Internet and telephone

Our clients are mainly:
•    business people (executives, managers, consultants)
•    professionals (including relocating professionals on foreign assignments)
•    self-employed entrepreneurs
•    corporations & small and medium-sized enterprises
•    independent business owners and franchisees
•    employees and staffs
•    individuals
•    scientists, students and speakers of other first languages
•    natural health care, supplements, fitness and wellness
•    public speakers
•    association members and agents

Language instruction:
•     Official Languages: Certified corporate training, teaching and tutoring – all levels
•     Foreign languages: basics, practical everyday skills and improving skills for professionals
•     Second languages: grammar improvement, written, comprehension & conversational skills
•     Language skills for specific, targeted purposes and special applications
•     Communication, knowledge and performance in one’s 3rd language
•     Personal development through Language Management & Positive thinking in any language