About us

SYNTAKSYS is a Montreal-based Canadian enterprise in business since 2002. Our expertise is based on an outstanding experience of more than 20 years in teaching, lecturing, translating, counseling, writing and R&D in official and second languages, linguistics, literature, computer and applied sciences.

We teach English and French, the official languages of education and business in Canada. Other available languages: Bulgarian, Russian, Italian and Polish. Local and foreign students are offered regular or intensive courses and workshops. Follow-up activities after finishing the courses include consultations by email, phone call guided conversations, writing and grammar analysis of students’ texts. Based on our mission, the purpose is to assist our students and clients to learn better, improve quickly and put to practice the knowledge and skills already acquired.

We believe students can acquire solid knowledge in a new target language from the start, building a basis for long-term skills. The best way is to take intensive courses, be continuously guided by a teacher and practice the language of work with native speaking peers and colleagues. Our teaching methods are based on introducing specialized professional texts and terminology, on explanations, revision, structure analyses and mother tongue/second language comparison, targeted conversations, critical reading and vocabulary building.

We provide our local and international clients with language solutions:

  • Concise executive language training, workplace manpower training for special purposes and sustainable, transferable skills and long-term language proficiency;
  • Professional services such as translation, proofreading, writing and editing general, scientific, technical and legal texts, of business confidential documentation and website multilingual contents;
  • Market research and information on foreign opportunities for Canadian exporters; and
  • Cross-cultural training and life-saving foreign language crash courses for relocating staff.

For more information on our services and opportunities, please contact us.